When your furnace breaks down, it's usually at the worst time. Island Furnace & Fireplace is just a phone call away and we have been providing Victoria area customers with quality and reliable furnace repair services. We offer prompt response times to ensure we get your furnace up and running as quickly as possible.

Our service doesn't end when your furnace is fixed, we are here to maintain your home or businesses heating system, ensuring comfort year round. Our maintenance programs can help save you hundreds of dollars in repairs by diagnosing problems before they become major repairs. This also keeps your utility costs lower because your furnace doesn't have to work as hard. Ask us about a furnace inspection and maintenance today!

Why furnaces break down

There are numerous reasons why your furnace may have broken down and is in need of repair, but often it is due to overheating caused by build up of dirt and dust on the filter system. Sometimes parts fail and malfunction such as pilot lights, sensors, and thermocouplings. But whatever the culprit, you are in good hands with Island Furnace & Fireplace.

Complete residential & commercial furnace repair services in Victoria BC & the surrounding communities

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